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Florida Local & State Resources
Homeschoolers learn as much outside the home as in it. Here you'll find listings of cultural and educational institutions, government resources, libraries, and bookstores. If you need a tutor, this is the best place for you to find one near you.

  Explore the world of art, science, and history by visiting a museum in Florida. Museum trips can make your lessons come alive and can offer a fun way to spend the day learning.

Zoos & Wildlife
  You can read all you want in a book, but there is nothing like seeing the objects of your study up-close and personal when you visit a zoo, nature preserve, aquarium, or wildlife sanctuary. Visit the animal kingdom here in Florida, and you'll find a fun and interesting way to learn more about the natural world.

Botanical Gardens
  Share the natural world with your child at these botanical gardens and arboretums. These are wonderful places to go to go birding, work on your nature journals, or simply spend a lovely afternoon outdoors.

Nature Centers
  Nature centers are places where you can see the natural and historical world come alive. Browse through these nature centers in Florida and introduce your children to the world outside their door.

Theater, Dance & Music
  Visiting and viewing the arts expands your outlook on the world and can an inspiration to both you and your children. Browse through this list of theaters, dance companies, and music offerings in Florida.

Historic Sites
  Learn through history by visiting interesting historic sites around the state of Florida. Historic sites let you put a real face on the history that you've read about, making it more exciting for you and your children.

National & State Parks
  Continue your child's education as you explore the natural wonder of national and state parks in Florida.

Public Resources
  Connect with government and public agencies in Florida that can offer resources and opportunities for learning.

State School Resources
  A listing of public school resources, including Florida's Department of Education, school districts, and other useful information.

  Libraries are an important resource for homeschoolers. Parents and children value librarians for the expertise they share when navigating the vast amounts of information found in today's libraries. Libraries also provide lending materials, educational materials, meeting space for support groups, and more.

  Where can you find homeschooling books, curricula, and supplies? Where can you get used books? Here is a list of bookstores around the state of Florida, with a special emphasis on those that are especially helpful for homeschoolers.

Tutors & Teachers
  Are you looking for a tutor? Need some help with a particular subject? Here are some resources to help you.

Our Featured Picks of Resources in Florida Back to Top
University of South Florida Shimberg Health Sciences Library
Tampa, Florida
The Health Sciences Center Library, founded in 1971, serves the students, faculty, and staff of the colleges of medicine, nursing, public health, and the school of physical therapy. In November of 1998, the Library was renamed for benefactors Hinks and Elaine Shimberg. This library collects materials to meet the needs of its primary patrons. Formats include books, journals, computer software, AVs, CD-ROMS, and networked information.
Stetson University College of Law Library
Gulfport, Tampa, Florida
The Stetson University College of Law Libraries support the law school curriculum and faculty, staff and court research. The Library at the Gulfport Campus is open to members of the public. Both the Gulfport and Tampa Campus libraries are open to alumni and to members of a bar association.
Three Rivers Regional Library System
262 W. Main Street
Mayo, FL 32066
Phone: 386-294-3858

The mission of the Three Rivers Regional Library System is to give the people of Dixie, Gilchrist and Lafayette access to materials for their informational, recreational, and life-long learning needs.
Environmental Learning Center (ELC)
Vero Beach, Florida
Take a walk on an elevated boardwalk system meandering through a mangrove forest, visit the Wet Lab filled iwth touchable exhibits and aquaria with marin life, tour the Dry Lab's exhibits, preschool play area, and interactive computers, and view the native plant gardens.
Florida Gulf Coast University Library Services
Fort Myers, Florida
The FGCU Library serves more than 9,000 students in 52 undergraduate and 31 graduate degree programs at Florida Gulf Coast University.

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