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Alliance of Bay County Homeschoolers (ABCH)
Alliance of Bay County Homeschoolers is an internet-based group created to forge an atmosphere of camaraderie among local homeschoolers. ABCH provides a forum for homeschoolers to connect with others, plan events and activities, and promote knowledge in its members.
Alternative Homeschool Educators
Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Florida
Alternative Homeschool Educators is an all inclusive homeschool group serving Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Alternative Homeschool Educators of South Florida is a group of homeschoolers who believe in respect for all people regardless of homeschooling styles, race, age or religion. They offer an online discussion list that includes discussion on all styles of teaching (life learning, unschooling, school at home, eclectic), useful links, homeschool support from experienced parents, park days, field trips, educational co-ops and much more.
APPLE Homeschool Group
Seminole County, Orange County, Lake County, Osceola County, Florida
APPLE is an Adventist homeschool support group for families in the Central Florida area. On this site their homeschool activities, field trips, workshops, etc. are shared. Ideas, encouragement, and support are also passed along among members.
Awesome Acts Homeschool Fellowship
North Pinellas, South Pasco, West Hillsborough, Florida
Awesome Acts Homeschool Fellowship (AAHF) is a Christian homeschool support group offering Christian homeschool fellowship, homeschool support, parent activities, weekly instructor led classes, field trips, and parties to homeschool families in the North Pinellas, South Pasco, and West Hillsborough areas.
Big Bend HomeSchoolers (BBHS)
Email support group for home educators in the Big Bend area of Florida.
Brandon Homeschool Cooperative (BHC)
Hillsborough County, Pasco County, Florida
Brandon Homeschool Cooperative (BHC) is a fully inclusive group of families that shares resources, ideas, and support for all methods of homeschooling. There are currently over 50 member families. They have regular activities for children in a wide variety of ages, including park days, field trips, and subject sessions. Parents also enjoy the monthly Parent's Night Out, as well as sessions that provide information and support for homeschooling. Other activities and benefits include Scholastic book ordering, FPEA and SHEAF membership at the discounted group rate, free membership to LIFE of Florida, and special activities like Greek Olympic Day and cultural food sharing.
Brevard Homeschool Support Group
Brevard County, Florida
This group is for homeschooling parents in Brevard County, Florida. Offers discussion & support, field trips, announcement of information/events of interest to homeschoolers, book clubs, and exchange of homeschooling material locally. Serves families in Melbourne Beach, Titusville, Cocoa, Palm Bay, Space Coast, Satellite Beach, Malabar, Port St. John, Merritt Island, and surrounding areas.
Central Florida Homeschoolers
YahooGroup email list for homeschoolers in the Central Florida area.
Charlotte Harbor Organization of Independent Child Education
Charlotte County, Florida
Homeschool discussion for families in the Charlotte County, Florida area.
Charlotte Mason Families in Florida
Charlotte Mason Families in Florida is an email group for homeschoolers in Florida who are using the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education.
CM Families of the South
The purpose of this loop is to encourage homeschooling families living in the Southern states who are trying to incorporate the philosophy of Charlotte Mason in their homes in their efforts to raise their children with an enthusiasm for learning.
College of Central Florida Learning Resource Center
Lecanto, Citrus, and Ocala, Florida
The College of Central Florida Learning Resource Center Mission is to provide resources and services to meet the informational, learning, and developmental needs of Central Florida Community College students, faculty, and broader community. In the LRC, visitors will find resources such as books, computers, and online materials to help them complete assignments and to increase their knowledge. They will also find a warm, friendly staff willing to help them find materials and teach them to utilize the facility.
Cornerstone Christian Homeschoolers
This email group serves to facilitate communication between members of the Cornerstone Christian Homeschoolers Support Group in Southeast Orlando, Florida.
East Pasco Unschoolers Connection
The East Pasco Unschooling Family Connection is a support and activity group for unschoolers in the Dade City/Zephyrhills area.
Eclectic Florida Homeschoolers
Eclectic Florida Homeschoolers is a list for secular Florida homeschool families.
Florida History Homeschool
This is an email list for homeschoolers of grades preK through 12 that are interested in Florida history. Exchange ideas, links, field trip ideas, crafts, book ideas and anything pertaining to the rich and wonderful history of this beautiful state. Discussions include any subject and how it relates to Florida such as history, science, geography, field trips, unit studies, social studies, art etc.
Florida Home Education Law
The Florida Home Education Law list exists to network all homeschoolers interested in legislative issues in Florida regardless of any group affiliation. Those homeschooling via a private school or the home education statutes are welcome to discuss issues here.
Florida LDS Homeschoolers
This group is intended for the support and fellowship of LDS and other Christian families that homeschool in Florida. Although the group owners are LDS, the group is not open ONLY to LDS members and welcomes families of all faiths and beliefs.
Florida LIFE
Florida LIFE is the discussion list for the statewide support and networking group, LIFE of Florida, and affiliated state chapters. This list acts as a resource center and clearinghouse for home and alternative educators interested in enriching their learning environments and maximizing their learning opportunities, and as an advocacy center for Choice in Education.
Florida Unschoolers Network
This discussion group is for the use of parents of students enrolled in Florida Unschoolers, the private school for homeschoolers.
Florida Unschooling
Florida Unschooling support group is intended for unschooling families in the state of Florida.
A Christian homeschooling list for Floridians, where parents can discuss exciting and unique ways to homeschool their kids.
Hernando Homeschool Social
Hernando County, Florida
Hernando Homeschool Social is a free, laid-back, fun and all-inclusive group that is dedicated to providing social opportunities for homeschoolers and their families in Hernando County, Florida.
Home Education Talk
This list is for home educators to exchange information pertaining to homeschooling and family life. Most information pertains to homeschooling in the SouthEast Florida area.
Home Educators Network of Central Florida
Orange County, Seminole County, Osceola County, Florida
Home Educators Network of Central Florida provides mentors to new homeschoolers, holds classes and co-ops including art, book club, history, science and foreign language. They also meet for social interaction, playdates and fun.
Home Educators of Hernando
Home Educators of Hernando is a support group for homeschooling families in Hernando County, Florida.
Homeschool Alt
This is a message list for members of Homeschool Alternatives, a Pinellas County, Florida homeschool support group.
Homeschool Family Support Group SWFL
Lee County, Florida
This homeschool group serves families in Lee County. They offer a 4-H club, academic fairs, a co-op, field trips, fun, and support.
Homeschoolers By The Sea
St. Augustine, St. Johns County, Florida
Homeschoolers by the Sea is a Christian-based homeschool co-op group serving the St. Augustine, Florida area. They offer a Christian atmosphere, co-op classes for children, educational field trips, parent support programs, an email loop, and Moms' nights out.
Homeschool-Florida is an email list that discusses topics related to homeschooling in Florida.
Homeschooling in Central Florida
Lake County, Seminole County, Orange County, Florida
Homeschooling in Central Florida is a support group for parents in Central Florida who are interested in discussions about issues affecting homeschooling. This group is centered in the Orlando area and is open to those from the surrounding areas.
This list is mainly for Christian homeschoolers living in Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding areas.
HOPE at Home-Florida
HOPE at Home-Florida is a homeschool support list for families in Northwest Florida.
Jewish Homeschoolers of PBC
A free group for Jewish people in the Palm Beach County, Florida area (around West Palm Beach) who are homeschooling their children or interested in homeschooling them. This is a place for Jews (whether Conservative, Orthodox, Reform, Unaffiliated, etc.) to discuss curriculum options, holiday celebrations, homeschooling laws, daily homeschooling life, etc, and to compare notes on local events and attractions.
K12 Florida (K12FL)
This group is for folks in Florida currently using K12 or thinking about using K12, Dr. William Bennett's online curriculum. Discussions include homeschooling with K12, charter schooling with K12, and education/life with kids in general.
Lake County Homeschool Cooperative
Lake County, Florida
The focus of this group is to create a shared learning experience for grades pre-k through 3rd. LCHC operates primarily in south Lake County and offers a literature club, co-ops, field trips and other educational or social events. They welcome families from all walks of life regardless of political views,religious persuasion or beliefs.
Lakeland Homeschool PE
Polk County, Florida
Lakeland Homeschool PE is a support group providing fitness activities for homeschoolers.
Living Books
This is an open group sponsored and moderated by Lifetime Books and Gifts of Lake Wales, FL for members to discuss using living books and resources in homeschooling and other pertinent topics.
NOAH Discussion
This is an offshoot of the North Okaloosa Association of Homeschoolers announcement list and is an open forum discussion list to chat about local events, ideas, prayer requests, curriculum, and related topics.
Palm Beach Homeschool Moms
Palm Beach County, Broward County
Palm Beach Homeschool Moms is an active, inclusive and social support group for homeschooling mothers of school-age children. All members are encouraged to plan and participate in many fun and enriching activities including playdates, field trips, study sessions and more.
Parenting and Teaching at Home (PATH) of Flagler
PATH is a forum for homeschoolers living in and around Flagler County (Northeast Florida). This e-mail network was created to provide a way for local homeschooling families to communicate, share information & ideas, talk about homeschooling, and plan activities for their families.
Pensacola Unschoolers Email List
This is the email list for L.I.F.E. (Learning in Freedom Everyday), an alternative education support group in Pensacola, Fl, composed of radical unschoolers, some just leaning that way, and some of the school at home variety. This is an all inclusive, eclectic group aimed at supporting the unschooling family.
Riverbend Home Educators
Calhoun County, Liberty County, Florida
This group is helps to equip home educators in the Calhoun & Liberty County areas through learning opportunities, encouragement, fellowship, and guidance. They offer field trips, monthly park day, Mom's support night, and quarterly parent planning sessions where all of the parents, Moms and Dads, are encouraged to attend.
South Broward Homeschool Group
Broward County, Florida
South Broward Homeschool Group supports all homeschool families without regard to teaching style, race, religion, or family orientation. Their goal is to provide a friendly, positive and open support group.
South Lake Home Educators
This is an email loop for members of South Lake Home Educators located in the Clermont/Groveland area to keep in touch, pass information and send newsletters.
St Pete Co-Operative Homeschoolers
St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida
St Pete Co-Operative Homeschoolers is a secular community of home schooling families in the Tampa Bay Area.
Tampa Area Home Ed
Tampa, FL
An online community for home educators in the Tampa, FL area. The group facilitator is a 22-year homeschooling veteran still teaching her two youngest. Are you looking for an e-group of down-to-earth people with real-life needs, feelings, and questions? Whether you're on the mountain-top waving high test scores, or spending "recess" with your head in your hands, there are bound to be a few here who can relate. This list is also for sharing helpful links and information, giving gentle advice (with the understanding that it may or may not be heeded), asking questions and giving answers, sharing home-life struggles and victories, asking for prayer, participating in accountability, and whatever other needs become apparent. Newbie to Veteran, you're bound to find a cozy place here.
Tampa Area Home Ed
A list for Christian home educators in the Tampa, FL area.
Unlimited Learning
Unlimited Learning is a support group that focuses on unschooling in Florida.
Unschooling in the Palm Beaches
Beach County, Florida
This group is geared toward unschooling families in Palm Beach County, Florida. Sharing concerns, questions, frustrations, fears, tears, laughs and joys with each other and forming a group that can meet to socialize and empower one another is what this list is all about.

National Online Groups Back to Top
ABC Books by Ann
This group consists of two things: 1) a bi-weekly newsletter with articles about living books, book collecting, taking care of and organizing your home school library, using living books in your homeschool, notebooking, book and author reviews, and more; and 2.) a bi-weekly catalog of living books for sale on eBay, plus and some unit studies.
African American Homeschoolers
This group is for African American parents (or parents of African American children) who are homeschooling their children. It is also for parents looking to supplement their children's education with home study.
African American Unschoolers (AfAmUnschool) Email Group
African American Unschoolers email group is for African-American homeschoolers who use the whole world as their child(ren)'s classroom.
Afrocentric Homeschoolers Association Email Group
Afrocentric Homeschoolers Association Email Group is a discussion group for pro-Black African and/or African Diasporan, Black homeschoolers, unschoolers, deschoolers, and home-based educators everywhere. It is also open to non-homeschoolers and non-Blacks who are trying to teach their children about Blacks. It was founded as a resource for Black homeschoolers, Blacks in Canada, the U.S., Caribbean, and elsewhere, including the African Canadian, African American, African Caribbean, Black European, African, and Black Canadian.
AHSA-USA Email List
This list is an opportunity for homeschoolers to contact homeschooling attorneys and experts about homeschooling legal and litigation issues. It is an informal network of attorneys and legal experts that are concerned with litigation pending and threatened against homeschoolers. Its primary purpose is to exchange legal information within the profession, and to educate and support attorneys and experts involved in homeschool litigation.
Big Families Recipes
A recipe group list with recipes that big families can enjoy. Discuss recipe successes and failures. Feel free to upload your own recipes or download others.
Blind Alternative Parenting
This group is primarily for blind parents who are interested in alternative parenting styles and issues. This includes atachment parenting, family bed, baby-wearing, gentle disipline, loving guidance, breastfeeding, healthy eating and living, health prevention, nonviolence, nonspanking, unschooling or homeschooling, spirituality, and more.
Catholic Homemaking and Homeschooling
This discussion group/email list is focused on the rich Catholic heritage and how to incorporate the Liturgical year into your daily life as a homeschooling family.
Catholic Homeschooling
This Catholic homeschooling email list is intended to discuss issues of homeschooling and everyday life in the Catholic home.
Charlotte Mason Cottage
You are invited to spend a year in the home of a homeschooling mother who uses the Charlotte Mason method of education, combining this "gentle art of learning" with Montessori centers, living literature studies, and observation of the Roman Catholic liturgical year within the framework of real life learning. This list will serves only as a journal in the life of a family who uses the CM method. It is not a discussion medium.
Christian Classical Charlotte Mason
This is a loop for Christians who are combining classical education methods with Charlotte Mason ideas in their homeschools.
Christian Unschooling
Christians can and do unschool. Here you'll find support and more.
CM Audiobooks
CM Audiobooks was created to allow homeschooling parents the ability to share MP3 files of personal book readings. These audiobooks are of Twaddle-free books per the Charlotte Mason method and specifically created for those using the Ambleside Online curriculum. Anyone using the Charlotte Mason method is welcome to join and participate by reading books.
CM Curricula
This list is for the buying and selling of resources (biographies,poetry and art books, teacher resources, etc.) that are in conformity with the Charlotte Mason "twaddle-free" philosophy. This is strictly a buying and selling list.
CM for One
CM for One (CMfor1) is a message board for families home educating an only child and using the Charlotte Mason Method.
CM While Working
For parents trying to utilize Charlotte Mason's (CM) methods while working.
This list is designed for those interested in the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling with a Waldorf twist. Topics for discussion will be geared towards combining these two approaches successfully, and any other related issues.
Crunchy Unschoolers
A list for unschoolers who are interested in moving towards a sustainable lifestyle. Topics for discussion may include how sustainability and unschooling complement each other, and how we resolve conflicting values.
Eclectic Home Educators
This is an online support group for families who are pursuing an eclectic style of homeschooling. Although many members of the group are religious-minded, the list itself is secular.
Expatriots Homeschool Email Group (expat-homeschool)
This list is for expatriates who homeschool their child or children.
Families of Color Utilizing Home Schooling (FOCUHS)
This list is for Christian families of color who've opted to home educate their children. They exist to offer support, fellowship and to share resources with other African American and bi-racial Christian homeschooling families.
This list is sponsored by Home Education Magazine (HEM) for networking and communication within the online homeschooling community.
Homeschoolers Teaching Kindergarten
This discussion list is for homeschoolers teaching preschool and kindergarten. Topics include curriculum selection (whether necessary or not), teaching tips, creative learning ideas, time management, unit studies, homeschooling books, neat craft ideas, cooking tips for all occasions, support those who have homeschool burn out, or those who are just starting to homeschool.
Homeschooling Catholic Montessori
Here is a place for home schoolers, using Montessori Method in their home education, to share and learn.
Homeschooling Older Kids
Homeschooling Older Kids is a part of Eclectic Home Educators that is dedicated to homeschooling children ages 11 and up.
Jewish Homeschoolers
The focus of this list will be to provide homeschooling support and resources to Jewish homeschoolers of all levels of observance. Topics include curriculum choices, teaching tips, and holiday observances.
Living Book Reviews
Living Book Reviews offers reviews of books considered "living" books for children which are useful for acquiring a love of learning.
Mater Amabilis Teacher Training Forum
Mater Amabilis is a free online homeschool curriculum, which takes the methods of Charlotte Mason and applies them for the 21st century Catholic family. Offering a detailed and flexible syllabus for each age level, Mater Amabilis can be used as a complete curriculum or simply as a springboard for learning. This online teacher training forum provides support in implementing the methods of Charlotte Mason and tips for adapting these methods to today's family.
This list is dedicated to families homeschooling only-children. These families have unique socialization issues and must often be super-creative in their solutions. Join this list if you are homeschooling a wonderful Only.
Only One Child Homeschooling
Are you homeschooling an only child? Or perhaps your other children are grown (or infants) and there's just one whom you homeschool? Or are your other children in public or private school and there's just one at home during the day? Is there such a large age gap between your children that each child feels like an only? Then this group is for you. All homeschoolers are welcome: new, old, school-at-homers, and unschoolers.
Pregnant Again
This is a list for all who are pregnant for the third or more time and are having a large family by choice. Discussions include the difficulties of having several at home when dealing with sickness and fatigue, homeschooling, and more. This is a supportive list where people believe that large families are wonderful.
Single Parent Homeschoolers
This is a list for single parents homeschooling their children. The purpose of this list is to support single parents.
Tons of Kids
This mailing list is set up for parents of large families. Large for this list is defined as having five or more kids. They welcome everybody who has at least that many of any religion, or even no religion.
Unschool Sharing for Parents
Share successes and ideas and build a helpful, welcoming archive for the new unschoolers, the newly-unschooling, and the nicely unschooling.
Unschoolers Coffee Talk
A place for unschoolers to come together to discuss our adventures and experiences,share resources and information.
Unschooling Basics
A list designed for those new to the philosophy of unschooling. Ask experienced unschoolers all those niggling questions, and find out how unschooling works in real families. If you're familiar with John Holt's work, but unsure of how to begin or what an unschooling day really looks like, this is a place for you to discuss, question, ponder, and become deeply familiar with natural learning and how it affects our entire lives. From parenting issues to learning from the whole wide world and beyond, come explore the issues that unschooling families have dealt with in the past and how to get beyond "school-think" to a joyful unschooling lifestyle.!
Unschooling Discussion
Large traffic email list whose stated purpose is to move out of comfort zones and critically examine beliefs, ideas, and viewpoints about learning, and seek a deeper understanding of unschooling and more respectful relationships with one's children.
Unschooling Families
This list is a friendly place for all to chat about anything you wish to explore. Parenting issues, schooling issues, political issues . . . as unschoolers, we know that nothing is off topic.

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