Support Groups
Homeschoolers have created networks of support to provide a way to make friends, get ideas and information, and to offer positive socialization opportunties to their children. You can join in! There are many groups to choose from, many with specific affiliations, like Christian groups or unschoolers' groups. Some are eclectic, inclusive, and open to anyone. Whatever your interest, you are sure to find other like-minded parents. And if you don't find what you are looking for, we've put together tips for starting your own group.
Local & State Groups
Support groups offer a way for those interested in homeschooling or new to home education to get information and support. They also offer opportunities for social activities, group learning, and networking. Find a support group near you in Florida.
National Groups
Tap into the national homeschool movement by connecting with these national homeschool groups and support organizations.
Social Media
Connect with other homeschooling using social networking tools. You can share tips and ideas, get support, collaborate on lesson plans, upload photos, and much more.
A co-op offers a way to share teaching duties with others who are excited and knowledgeable about a subject. It also offers an opportunity for your children to learn in a group and to make friends. Browse through this list of co-ops in Florida.
Umbrella/Cover Schools
An umbrella or cover school provides an alternative way for parents to fulfill governmental educational guidelines and requirements. Most offer a variety of services, which can include curricula, social activities, field trips, standardized testing, portfolio reviews, evaluations, and graduation materials, including diplomas. While umbrella schools do tend to the needs of homeschoolers, they are considered a type of private school in most states.
Resource Centers
Homeschool resource centers offer classes, materials, field trips, and other activities for parents and children alike. They are great ways to get new information, engage in group activities, and network with other homeschoolers.
Public School Programs
Public schools are increasing offering programs to appeal to homeschooling families, from classes to educational materials to computer and distance learning. In most cases, students enrolled in these programs are considered public school students rather than homeschoolers. Learn more about these programs and decide if these are right for your family.
Group Management
Learn how to start and manage a homeschool support group, including how to stay organized, how to handle conflict, and ideas for your support group.
What's Popular
Parenting and Teaching at Home (PATH) of Flagler
PATH is a forum for homeschoolers living in and around Flagler County (Northeast Florida). This e-mail network was created to provide a way for local homeschooling families to communicate, share information & ideas, talk about homeschooling, and plan activities for their families.
Parents Association for Christian Enrichment (PACE)
Parents Association for Christian Enrichment (P.A.C.E.) of Miami is a South Florida, non-profit, volunteer-based corporation, that provides general homeschooling support, as well as a forum for conducting enrichment classes from a Christian worldview for all families that home educate their children, regardless of their race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, or educational handicap.
Awesome Acts Homeschool Fellowship
Awesome Acts Homeschool Fellowship (AAHF) is a Christian homeschool support group offering Christian homeschool fellowship, homeschool support, parent activities, weekly instructor led classes, field trips, and parties to homeschool families in the North Pinellas, South Pasco, and West Hillsborough areas.
Homeschool Family Support Group SWFL
This homeschool group serves families in Lee County. They offer a 4-H club, academic fairs, a co-op, field trips, fun, and support.
Southwest Florida Homeschooling Families
This group is a volunteer-based homeschooling support group serving the area of Southwest Florida, including Collier and Lee Counties.
Academy Of Biblical Character Development (ABCD)
850 N.E. 36th Terrace Unit E Ocala, Florida 34470 Phone: 352-694-ABCD (2223) The Academy Of Biblical Character Development (ABCD) began with a handful of families committed to the godly upbringing and teaching of their children. The school was incorporated in 1984 in accordance with Florida Statute Section 623 and operates solely in Marion County. Since its inception, ABCD has grown to an organization of more than 120 students, representing approximately 75 families from a broad spectrum...
The Homeschooler's Friend (THF)
The Homeschooler's Friend (THF) is a homeschool support organization open to all homeschoolers in Bay County, FL and the surrounding areas. THF offers the unique opportunity of belonging to a group where each member shares benefits including monthly newsletters, support meetings, field trips, park days, classes, and more.
Society of Parents Lending All-inclusive Support for Homeschoolers (SPLASH)
The Society of Parents Lending All-inclusive Support for Homeschoolers in Florida (SPLASH) is a society of homeschooling parents endeavoring to promote home education in the community.
Tallahassee Evangelical Association of Christian Homeschoolers (TEACH)
Tallahassee Evangelical Association of Christian Homeschoolers (TEACH) offers support and information to home educators by providing resources on curriculum, state laws, and educational opportunities. They also offer networking opportunities for homeschooling parents and children.
SHARE - Support Homeschool Activities Reaching Everyone
This support group serves Bradenton and all of Manatee and Sarasota Counties.
Radical Unschoolers of Broward
Radical Unschoolers of Broward is a group of families who have applied the Unschooling philosophy to our whole lives. Anyone who lives in or around Broward County Florida and is interested in changing to a radical unschooling lifestyle is welcome.
Brevard Christian Home Educators
P.O. Box 540067 Merritt Island, FL 32954-0067 Phone: 321-454-2445 This corporation is organized exclusively for educational purposes which include, but are not limited to, the supporting of parents who choose to educate their children at home, and the establishment and operation of a private Christian school for home educating families.
Bridges Secular Homeschoolers
This is a group of liberal, spiritually eclectic, open-minded, earth friendly, diverse group of people intentionally raising (or trying to raise) self-aware, self guided, earth-friendly, responsible free spirits.
Fellowship of Christian Teaching Homes (FCTH)
This Christian support group provides support, education and fellowship to Christian homeschool families in the Panama City, Florida area.
Brevard Homeschool
Brevard Homeschool, an active group of homeschooling parents in Brevard County, Florida, offers friendship; support and encouragement; field trips; and book club ordering.
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