Umbrella/Cover Schools
An umbrella or cover school provides an alternative way for parents to fulfill governmental educational guidelines and requirements. Most offer a variety of services, which can include curricula, social activities, field trips, standardized testing, portfolio reviews, evaluations, and graduation materials, including diplomas. While umbrella schools do tend to the needs of homeschoolers, they are considered a type of private school in most states.
What is an Umbrella or Cover School?
Why an Umbrella School?

This forum discussion gives reasons why some families choose the option of a homeschool umbrella school. 

The Perks of an Umbrella School vs. Remaining Independent

At one time or another, many homeschool families examine the possibility of enrolling in an umbrella or cyber school. An umbrella school is a homeschool program operated by public charter schools or directly by regular public schools. 

Umbrella School: Why You Should Homeschool with an Umbrella School

An umbrella school is generally a private school which has an option available for homeschooling. An umbrella school has students which actually attend the private school, as well as students who are registered as homeschoolers.

What is an Umbrella School?

There is no universal definition for an umbrella (or cover) school because home education laws vary from state to state. In some states, homeschoolers can get some level of support and legal protection for their home education program. Umbrella schools typically provide legal legitimacy to a family's home education program, maintain attendance records, host field trips and activities, and more. 

What Are Homeschool Umbrella Schools?

An umbrella school is a homeschooling “school” that oversees the high schoolers’ education. Different states have different names for umbrella schools.

Learn How a Homeschool Umbrella School Works: Is It Right For You?

A homeschool umbrella school is an independent school that offers enrolled families a way to comply with state laws. In most circumstances, these schools offer families a chance to homeschool under private school laws, where they may find much more freedom from intervention than following homeschooling regulations individually. These types of schools can be set up as a local organization, or as a distance or online school. In some states, legal homeschooling may only be done through an umbrella or cover school, while in other states, umbrella schools can offer benefits to homeschooling families, but are not required by state law.

Umbrella Schools - Pros and Cons

This forum discussion goes over the pros and cons of using an umbrella school. In some states, there is a requirement for homeschoolers to register with an organization, and umbrella or cover schools offer this. 

What is an Umbrella School?

An umbrella school is an entity, typically considered a private school, which serves to oversee homeschooling families and help them meet the requirements of their state’s homeschooling laws. Sometimes the umbrella school is an actual physical private school with which homeschooling families can partner. In other cases, an umbrella school is more of an organization established to help homeschoolers comply with the law.

Umbrella and Cover Schools in Florida
Harvest Time Homeschool Umbrella Program
1511 S. US Hwy 301
Tampa, FL 33619
Phone: 800-593-4033

This international homeschool umbrella program provides parents with the tools they need to give their child a successful education at home. The homeschool program will provide registration and documentation support to include report cards and transcripts that satisfy the requirements of most states. To monitor your child's progress, annual SAT Testing is required and can be provided through their program. Upon request, they can also provide personalized help and suggestions for resources, curricula and academic outlines.
Christian Institute of Arts & Sciences
6100-H West Fairfield Drive
Pensacola, FL 32506
Phone: 850-457-4058

The Christian Institute of Arts & Sciences is a private school designed to provide a structured organization for parents who want their children to have the benefits of home education with the advantage of enrollment in a private Christian school.
New Covenant Christian School
1926 S. Babcock St.
Melbourne, FL 32901-4445
Phone: 321-724-9603

New Covenant Christian School operates as a non-traditional private school, offering services and activities for homeschooling families, including group classes, testing services, social activities, and more.
NorthBay Christian Academy
NorthBay Christian Academy is a community school offering a fresh, new approach to education, combining the benefits of homeschooling, classroom teaching, and the support of a Christ-centered community. Parental involvement is key, and the Christian values taught at home are reinforced in the classroom. In the classroom and through teacher-assigned homeschooling lessons, NorthBay emphasizes academic excellence and spiritual growth that leads to a love of God and His word, as well as the development of strong character.
Live Oak Academy
Live Oak Academy offers enrollment, recordkeeping, transcripts, diplomas, achievement testing, curriculum planning, a resource library, parent/teacher workshops, networking, field trips, group activities, and much more.
Brevard Christian Home Educators
P.O. Box 540067
Merritt Island, FL 32954-0067
Phone: 321-454-2445

This corporation is organized exclusively for educational purposes which include, but are not limited to, the supporting of parents who choose to educate their children at home, and the establishment and operation of a private Christian school for home educating families.
Allendale Academy
7208 Amhurst Way
Clearwater, Fl 33764
Phone: 727-531-2481

Founded in 1985, Allendale Academy is a nationwide private school which believes that the education of children is the God-given right and responsibility of their parents. Allendale Academy is dedicated and equipped to assist parents nationwide in educating their children in the most supportive environment, the home. Allendale Academy is registered with the Florida Department of Education as a private school. They provide transcripts, testing, curriculum advice, diplomas, and more.
Family Tree Private School
17626 94th St. N
Loxahatchee, FL 33470
Phone: 561-721-DOVE(3683)

Family Tree provides private school enrollment and information services as well as formal documentation for parents to support them as they instill Godly character and academic excellence in the lives of their homeschooled children.
Crossroads Christian School
Post Office Box 295
Crestview, FL 32536
Phone: 850-423-1291

Crossroads Christian School is an international K-12 private school registered and fully recognized by the Florida Department of Education. Crossroads Christian School offers an umbrella/satellite program to those who home-educate their children. In order to provide a more affordable schooling option, they give parents the freedom to choose the best curriculum and teaching method for their children.
Veritas Preporatory Academy
12685 Ulmerton Road
Largo, FL 33774
Phone: 727-548-6294

At Veritas Preporatory Academy, the classroom instruction of a teacher and the home mentoring of a parent are combined into a single, unified, college simulated program. Students are taught in the classroom by qualified teachers for two or three days per week while parents remain central in the character formation and education of their child by working with them on the alternating days.
Circle Christian School
4644 Adanson Street
Orlando, FL 32804
Phone: 407-740-8877

Circle Christian School is a homeschooling organization located in Central Florida. Circle provides resources and tools to parents so that they can make significant investments of character training and academic excellence in the lives of their children. Offers field trips, support for families educating children with special needs, a curriculum bookstore, parent training workshops, support group meetings, and more.
Alderwood Academy
5622 17th Ave. South
Gulfport, Fl 33707
Phone: 727-743-7460

Established to give the homeschool community the advantage of private school enrollment while maintaining the curricular freedom inherent in homeschooling, Alderwood Academy is a K-12 non-campus private umbrella school.
Florida Virtual School (FLVS)
2145 Metro Center Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32835
Phone: 407-513-3587

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) was founded in 1997 as the country’s first state-wide Internet-based public high school. Today, FLVS serves middle and high school students with more than 90 courses. In 2000, the Florida Legislature established FLVS as an independent educational entity with a gubernatorial appointed board. FLVS is the only public school with funding tied directly to student performance. FLVS provides online solutions for grades 6 to 12, as well as for adults seeking GED alternatives both in FL and out-of-state through their Global Services Division.
Christian Victory Academy of Central Florida, Inc. (CVA)
P.O. Box 721436
Orlando, FL 32872-1436
Phone: 407-281-6244

Christian Victory Academy of Central Florida, Inc. (CVA). They are a home and campus based, accredited private K-12 non-traditional Christian school, enabling parents to direct their children's education, while fulfilling legal educational requirements. CVA is a not-for-profit corporation, registered with Florida's Department of Education and accredited by Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Association (FCCPSA). CVA was established in July 1998 to specifically work with families that home school or direct their children's education.
HomeLink Education of the Palm Beaches
Jog Road Baptist Church
855 Jog Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33415
Phone: 561-309-7677

HomeLink Education of the Palm Beaches provides classes for high school, middle school and elementary students. Classes are small ranging from 4 to 16 students. Their advisors work in cooperation with the parents to fulfill the requirements of each complete course.
Sunshine Learning Center
1703 North State Rd. 7
Margate, FL 33063
Phone: 954-971-7370
Academy Of Biblical Character Development (ABCD)
850 N.E. 36th Terrace Unit E
Ocala, Florida 34470
Phone: 352-694-ABCD (2223)

The Academy Of Biblical Character Development (ABCD) began with a handful of families committed to the godly upbringing and teaching of their children. The school was incorporated in 1984 in accordance with Florida Statute Section 623 and operates solely in Marion County. Since its inception, ABCD has grown to an organization of more than 120 students, representing approximately 75 families from a broad spectrum of evangelical Christian churches. ABCD is a private school operating under the authority of the State of Florida, and is comprised of families who have sensed God's leadership in the area of the education of their own children. The commitment of ABCD is to encourage, facilitate, and develop the godly character of the children that we, through God's strength and grace, are privileged to teach.
Harvest Time Christian School
Homeschool Umbrella Program
1511 S. US Hwy 301
Tampa, FL 33619
Phone: 813-626-4600

Harvest Time Christian School was founded in 1978 as a ministry of Harvest Time Family Worship Center. Harvest Time Homeschool Umbrella Program is fully accredited and a member in good standing with the National Association of Private Schools. This homeschool program will provide registration and documentation support to include report cards and transcripts that satisfy the requirements of most states. Upon request, they can also provide personalized help and suggestions for resources, curricula and academic outlines.
Sancta Familia Academy
1204 N. Harbor City Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32935
Phone: 321-259-6464

Sancta Familia Academy is a private school, organized as a Florida non-profit corporation and listed with the Florida Department of Education. The founders of SFA are Catholic parents who have educated their children at home. They offer a cottage school program, umbrella program, co-operative program, and an independent study program.
The Oaks Private School
P.O. Box 590278
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33359-0278
Phone: 866-998-TOPS

The Oaks Private School was established to provide necessary structure to families who choose to homeschool. TOPS is a private, K-12, non-traditional Christian school offering academic support and administrative oversight.
Eunice Christian Private School of Duval County, Inc.
P.O. Box 26157
Jacksonville, FL 32226
Phone: 904-351-6610

Eunice Christian School is an independent private school focusing on home-based education. Within Eunice, the parents are responsible for the child's education - the school provides the structure and framework for recordkeeping and serves as an accountability partner for the homeschooling family. The major emphasis of the school is developing the student portfolio - a record of the child's educational progress.
Grace Homeschool Connection
17475 Jonathon Drive
Jupiter, FL 33477
Phone: 561-746-4617

Grace Homeschool Connection is a ministry of Grace Immanuel Bible Church and provides a community for students in which they are encouraged to seek God first and to pursue academic excellence. This ministry has been established to assist homeschooling families by providing excellent classes in core and elective subject areas.
Alternative Choices in Education Academy, Inc. (ACEA)
Alternative Choices in Education Academy, Inc. (ACEA) is a non-religious, non-profit, private school registered with the Florida Department of Education, designed for home educated students grades K-12. They provide an "umbrella" to members in all counties within the state of Florida.
Florida Unschoolers
8680 Eagle Avenue
Hobe Sound, FL 33455
Phone: 772-546-0257

Florida Unschoolers is a private umbrella school for unschoolers and other homeschoolers in Florida. Florida Unschoolers is listed at the Florida Department of Education website in the Directory of Private Schools, as required of all private schools in Florida, under Martin County.
Central Christian Academy
P.O. Box 6000
Winter Park, FL 32793-6000
Phone: 407-332-6988

Central Christian Academy was established in 1990. They function as a private Christian school, assisting those who are involved in teaching their children from 1st through 12th grades. Their stated purpose is to provide parents with the structured organization and accountability of a school while they enjoy the benefits of teaching their children at home.
International Community School
1021 N. New York Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789
Phone: 407-645-2343

International Community School’s Private School Covering program is offered to those who choose to home school one or more of their children full time (with no group classes). Parents develop the entire home school environment by choosing all curriculum and writing lesson plans, but still receive traditional school benefits including support services, academic counseling, participation in sports programs and extracurricular activities, standardized testing, and record management.
Adam's Academy, Inc.
3039 Burkit Lane
Jacksonville, FL 32226
Phone: 904-751-3569


Adam's Academy is a quality home-based private school that supports parents of special needs children as they endeavor to take on the role of parent-teacher in educating their special learner.
Atrium School
Phone: 561-496-3044

Atrium School exists to support and facilitate family based learning as an educational choice. Atrium School is a private school offering two distinct enrollment programs so that families can select the level of support and guidance that's right for them.
Champion Preparatory Academy
1935 S. Orange Blossom Trail
Apopka, FL 32714
Phone: 407-788-0018

Champion Preparatory Academy was founded in 1995 to meet the needs of the growing number of families pursuing non-traditional educational programs. They offer college preparatory academics, remedial and customized academics, and online learning. There are several other activities, programs, and classes for homeschooled students.
Calvary Baptist Church Academy
1945 N. Florida Ave.
Lakeland FL 33805
Phone: 863-683-6781

Calvary Baptist Church Academy is a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church of Lakeland. They are registered with the State of Florida as a private school but operate as a support organization for home schooling families. They provide support in these areas: accountability, extracurricular sports, fine arts, and social enhancement activities. They offer a "cafeteria" concept whereby parents can choose for their students to be involved in as much or as little of the program as they desire. Parents who desire the accountability of a school enroll their students as Full Members of the Academy; those who do not wish to take advantage of this aspect of the program are considered Associate Members. Associate Members can be involved in all areas of the program but will not be eligible to receive a diploma from CBCA upon graduation.
Covenant Christian Academy
5325 Pen Ave.
Sanford, FL 32773
Phone: 407-324-0203

Covenant Christian Academy provides home education resources, group classes, music lessons, field trips, tutoring and record keeping services at a reasonable rate to meet the children’s individual needs.
Alternative Education Institute
The Alternative Education Institute is a non-public/private school registered with the Florida Department of Education. Their main focus is supporting independent learners in the homeschool environment.
Oasis Christian Academy
O.C.A. is a private school whose method of education is homeschooling. It operates as a homeschool umbrella school.
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